WordPress Plugin

Want to include our Parenting Tips Collection on your website. Download and install our simple “random tip” plugin. It will display a random parenting tip on your site like the one shown below using a convenient shortcode:

[parenting_tip background_color="#ADCAD6" secondary_background_color="#000000" width="100%" fontsize="80%"]

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Note: To receive regular updates please contact us to let us know you are using the Plugin.

 Teens often operate out of impulse and do not respect parents that are paralyzed by fear.  

Need Help with the Plugin?

  • Download the Plugin ZIP file.
  • Upload the Plugin using the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Once uploaded, be sure the Plugin is “Activated” without error.
  • There is no Settings page for the Plugin.
  • Use the shortcode parameters as described below to modify the display of the Parenting Tip. The shortcode will inherit your stylesheet for font family and size.
  • [parenting_tip background_color="#ADCAD6" secondary_background_color="#000000" width="100%" fontsize="120%"]